Tengwar transcriber for sindarin tehtar mode

Code for typesetting with LaTeX tengwarscript package

Sindarin transcription

 1 t [t]   q p [p]   z c [k]   2 d [d]   w b [b]   x g [g]   3 th [θ]   e f, ph [f]   c ch [x] 
 4 dh [ð]   r v, -f (bh) [v]   5 n [n]   t m [m]   b ng [ŋ]   6 r (final) [r]   y w [w] 
 7 r (non-final) [r]   j l [l]   8 s [s]   i s [s]   k ss   , ss   9 h [h]   o hw [ʍ] 
 l e-glide [ɛ]   h i-glide [i]   . u-glide [u]   ` short carrier   ~ long carrier 
 6p +nasal (n, m, ñ)   6; double   6é +w sound   6E a [ɑ]  6R e [ɛ]  6T i [i]  6Y o [ɔ]  6U u [u]  6Õ y [y]
 ð  ñ  ò  ó  ô  õ  ö  ÷  ø  ù  ú 10   û 11 
 =  -  =-=  Á  À  › ( / )   6 6 ␣ 


For using this transcriber installing the Tengwar Annatar font is required. When using any tehta, one should start with the tengwa, then apply a nasal, double or w sound tehta, and finally any other tehta.

Works in Firefox and OperaHome